About Kelvin

Kelvin is a self taught full stack developer.

Although I am a college dropout, I had a passion about programming and slowly came back to the pratice of being self taught. Eventually landing myself in a full stack coding bootcamp Digital Crafts. And that's where my career as a software developer has truely taken off. My biggest takeaway was a new passion of learning and teaching programming. Which is the main reason I started creating tutorials and courses.

I'm a big advocate of functional programming. Which has lead me to want to be more than just a JavaScript developer and aim to become a polyglot in the functional family of languages.

I may be a workaholic, but that's only because programming has become a bit of a hobby of mine. But don't worry I am still a normal human, some of my other hobbies include films, video and tabletop games, just your typical nerd. Another one of my passions is self development and becoming the best version of myself.

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Luminare Inc.

Software Engineer

Feature development and maintenance on vaccination management software

  • Rapid development of COVID-19 vaccination management app during pandemic
  • Assisted application migration to stable general vaccination software
  • Development of SMS/Email notifications feature
  • Mentored and teach junior developers about Clojure/ClojureScript

Bonotel Exclusive Travel

Software Developer

Development on various Travel B2B dependant microservices and internal administration tools

  • Development on both client facing and administrative frontend applications in both React and Angular
  • Development and orchaestration of Java and Golang microservices
  • Implemented a Python based ETL worker to update and propogate Redis data
  • Created SFTP file transfer automation tool in Java as well as a test SFTP server using docker

Nucamp Coding Bootcamp

Instructor (Contract)

Bootcamp instructor responsible for teaching students web development technologies.

  • Lead classes in Bootstrap, Node.js, React, React Native


Front End Developer

Feature development on desktop and mobile retail travel e-commerce web application.

  • Implemented mobile cart page and path
  • Initiated upgrade of React Router from version 2 to 5

Motivis Learning

Software Developer

Research and development with new technologies, as well as feature development and maintenance of the cloud software product, Motivis Learning Management System.

  • Designed and prototyped GraphQL layer for internal API
  • Created microservice to provide full text search using PostgreSQL
  • Created and maintained React application for schema viewing of internal API
  • Aided conversion of front end application from Angular 5 to 6
  • Aided conversion of internal UI components to the more stable PrimeNG components


Developer In Residence (Internship)

Three month paid internship to work with and assist experienced instructors to develop and teach full stack web applications.

  • Assist in teaching incoming coding bootcamp students in various web technologies
  • Offer one on one tutoring and trouble shooting with web development students